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Nimbus Engineer App

Elevate productivity with a tool designed for fire alarm service engineers. 

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Next-level effectiveness

The Nimbus Engineer App helps fire techs and engineers get more of the right things done.  

By directly communicating with fire alarm panels, technicians and engineers can easily verify the proper response of detectors and other assets during tests, eliminating the need to physically be present in front of the fire panel. This efficient approach not only saves valuable time but also enhances accuracy and ensures compliance, while effortlessly facilitating reporting tasks.

The Engineer App securely connects to the Nimbus Fixed or Mobile Gateway via the Nimbus cloud-based portal.

Optimise rectification and upgrade work
Compliance tick
Confirm completed tests in real-time and record and log Pass/Fail with comments, photos and barcodes
Schedule which devices or assets to test during service visits
Reduce fire tech and engineer testing workload to enhance productivity
Streamline maintenance and commissioning

Nimbus Engineer App

Nimbus Engineer is an Android application that works with the Nimbus Portal and both the Fixed Gateway and the Mobile Gateway to record an engineer’s notes whilst testing.

All data from the Nimbus Engineer App is forwarded to the Nimbus Portal, including all activity, comments, and photographs which are recorded against each asset within the current service period. Tests are automatically recorded with no manual intervention, guaranteeing a record of exactly what happened. Test records are logged with the engineer’s comments within Nimbus.

Ensure compliance and get more done. 


Nimbus Overview Brochure

As former fire contractors, we understand the complexities of fire protection and bring this experience to the table everyday.

Unparalleled visibility

The Nimbus product family

Nimbus Mobile Gateway

The portable test logger for fire alarm engineers

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building manager
Nimbus Fixed Gateway

The always-on conduit between fire panels and Nimbus

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Nimbus Notify App

Fire alarm event notifications delivered to any smartphone  

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Nimbus Weekly Test App 

Schedule fire alarm weekly tests and record test results

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Nimbus Control Room Monitor

Multi-panel and property remote alarm monitoring

Explore Control Room Monitor
Supported technology and panels

Nimbus is compatible with leading fire alarm systems

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Here's what some of our clients have to say about Nimbus!


Our investment in Nimbus is reaping significant benefits across our business. Nimbus has simplified operations, automated the interaction with our engineers, saved time and considerably improved the quality of information.


The Nimbus solution's real-time monitoring, data exchange capabilities, and seamless integration with our existing fire systems have greatly improved our ability to respond to potential fire hazards and faults.

Harper Adams University

We’re a lot more informed now our sites use Nimbus. The additional information the system provides allows us to be much more efficient in the ARC and has saved us money on Engineer call-outs.

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