Nimbus for Building Managers and Facility Owners

Get connected and be in the know

Cloud-based fire alarm management solutions that offer anywhere, anytime visibility of your entire portfolio of fire protection systems regardless of fire panel type or manufacturer.

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The universal remote fire alarm management system

Nimbus integrates with fire alarm panels from leading manufacturers

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Be notified 

With Nimbus, you can select fire panel events that are important to you and then receive a notification on your mobile device or by email immediately after an event happens. 

Be connected

Nimbus connects you to all your fire panels anywhere, anytime. The Nimbus Fixed Gateway plugs into fire panels from leading manufacturers.

Be in the know

Nimbus provides building managers and fire protection specialists with full visibility of critical fire protection systems across an entire property portfolio. 

The challenges for Building Managers

Does any of this sound familiar?

"All these false alarms are costing us so much money and time."
"Compliance reporting is a real hassle as it's hard to get all the information together."
"The weekly testing of manual call points is tedious. It's hard to remember which MCP to test."
"I just want to know what’s going on and when. I need more transparency."
The solution

A modern approach to fire alarm management

Nimbus Fixed Gateway

The Nimbus Fixed Gateway is the always-on and always-connected conduit between fire panels and the Nimbus Portal and Nimbus Apps. The Gateway securely links fire assets across buildings using the integrated cellular or network connection.

The Gateway is compatible with leading fire panels, including stand-alone and networked fire alarms are supported. Installation is quickly completed by fire protection professionals without disruption to the building occupants.

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Nimbus Notify App

Nimbus Notify is a mobile application that delivers Nimbus fire alarm event notifications. Utilising push notifications allows any Android or Apple iOS smartphone to receive and display Nimbus events even when the smartphone screen is locked and the application is closed. 

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Nimbus Weekly Test App

Nimbus Weekly Test is an Android application that notifies a user of a pending 'fire alarm weekly test' with specific instructions on which Manual Call Points (MCPs) should be tested. The user receives confirmation as tests are performed, and the results are logged to the Nimbus Weekly Test log.

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Nimbus Control Room Monitor

Nimbus Control Room Monitor (CRM) is a multi-property remote alarm monitoring and control system that receives, displays and logs events from numerous Nimbus Fixed Gateways. The Gateways are connected to fire alarm systems, CCTV, IT equipment, access control, intruder and other systems via digital inputs.

Alarm and events are continuously monitored remotely and presented to the console operator in levels of priority. This facilitates quick decision-making when needed and detailed event logs as required. Nimbus CRM is delivered as a lock-down application, including the PC operating system, to ensure secure and continuous operation.

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Nimbus Overview Brochure

Download our Nimbus product family brochure in pdf format.

Don't take our word for it

Here's what some of our clients have to say about Nimbus!


The Nimbus units have eliminated the need for paperwork when testing manual call points and have provided 24/7 real-time visibility of each building's fire system status.

Chesterford Research Park

The Nimbus solution's real-time monitoring, data exchange capabilities, and seamless integration with our existing fire systems have greatly improved our ability to respond to potential fire hazards and faults. 

Harper Adams University

We’re a lot more informed now our sites use Nimbus. The additional information the system provides allows us to be much more efficient in the ARC and has saved us money on Engineer call-outs.

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