Nimbus for System Integrators and Service Providers

Streamline maintenance and commissioning

Get more done by using cloud-based fire alarm management solutions that your customers will love. You'll save time, reduce compliance bottlenecks and deliver industry-leading services.

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Boost productivity

Increase the accuracy and output of your field and office teams by automating and accelerating their work processes.

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Reduce compliance complexity

Easily deliver fire protection compliance requirements installation and commissioning in less time and without mistakes.

Stand out from the crowd

Get the edge over your competitors by reducing labour costs and delivering enhanced services for your customers.

The challenges for System Integrators

Does any of this sound familiar?

"It's such a waste having two fire technicians on-site when one is just sitting at the fire panel."
"Recording test results is a hassle; it takes forever, and mistakes are easy to make."
"We support fire alarm systems from multiple manufacturers; any platform needs to work with them all."
"We keep getting told our prices are too high, so we need a new way to stand out from the crowd."
Nimbus is up for the challenge

Nimbus Mobile Gateway unleashes the capabilities of System Integrators

Boost engineer productivity

Imagine the boost in productivity you can achieve with one-person testing. The Nimbus Mobile Gateway seamlessly connects to leading fire alarm panels, allowing for effortless testing.

As your technician or engineer conducts tests on assets throughout the property, they receive instant feedback on their mobile devices through the Nimbus Engineer App. Once everything is completed, the Mobile Gateway can be easily disconnected from the panel and swiftly moved to the next property.

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No more paper or clunky spreadsheets

With the Nimbus Mobile Gateway and Engineer App, you can eliminate paper checklists, unconnected apps and mistake-prone spreadsheets.

Instead, have every test automatically recorded, with results sent straight to the cloud-based Nimbus Portal. This not only improves productivity it also means you can easily create comprehensive compliance reports for your customers with unequivocal proof of testing (including photos).

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The universal remote fire alarm management system

With Nimbus, there's no need to juggle different tools or systems for the fire panels you install or maintain. Our innovative system seamlessly integrates with fire alarm panels from leading manufacturers, providing a unified solution for your needs.

Nimbus simplifies the complexities of multiple fire panels by presenting data in a consistent, user-friendly format that anyone can easily navigate. On top of that, you'll enjoy significant savings from reduced training requirements for your engineers, service management, and admin teams. 

"The seamless integration of Nimbus with existing fire systems from multiple manufacturers is truly remarkable."

Dan Turnbull – NorthPoint Fire & Security

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Gain an unfair advantage

Distinguish yourself from your competitors by delivering additional value to your clients in a modern way.

In concert with the Engineer App, the Mobile Gateway enables you to create reports in the Nimbus Portal that simplify compliance requirements and improve building safety. Add to this the labour savings you gain from using Nimbus, and you can not only stand out from the crowd but also be more profitable. 

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