Digital Remote Fire Alarm Management

We offer tailored solutions for building owners and systems integrators. Our comprehensive suite of products and services along with professional, expert support can power your approach to fire safety management. 

  • Building Managers
  • System Integrators
For Building Owners and Managers

A Compliance Partner to Transform your Approach to Fire Safety

Nimbus Connect makes fire alarm panels smarter. Seamlessly integrate fire alarm systems with Nimbus Connect to gain real-time insights and ensure compliance with ease.

For System Integrators

Elevate Efficiency and Seamlessly integrate with Nimbus

nimbusGo is the smarter way to integrate. Elevate efficiency with nimbusGo, your portable solution for connecting fire alarm systems to the cloud. Simplify testing, automate tasks, and enhance productivity.

For Systems Integrators

Elevate Efficiency and Seamlessly Integrate with Nimbus 

Nimbus Go Elevate efficiency with Nimbus Go, your portable solution for connecting fire alarm systems to the cloud. Simplify testing, automate tasks, and enhance productivity. 

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Nimbus Digital. Cutting edge solutions for enhanced fire safety and greater efficiency

We embody a commitment to excellence in every facet of our operation. Our dedicated team of professionals, equipped with a wealth of experience and expertise, stands ready to deliver unparalleled support and innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're a building owner seeking to elevate your fire safety standards or a systems integrator aiming to streamline integration processes, our suite of products and services is designed to empower you to achieve your goals with confidence.

Our Team 

Meet the passionate minds behind Nimbus who are driving innovation and ensuring unparalleled service for our clients. Learn more about our team members and their expertise in fire safety management.

Complete Compatibility

Nimbus Connect works seamlessly with fire panels from all major manufacturers.

Advanced Ampac Advantech Edwards Electro Detectors EMS Euro Tech Fike Gent GFE Honeywell Hyfire Kentec Morley Leader Notifier Protec SMS Siemens Thorn Tyco Ziton

Here's what some of our clients have to say about Nimbus!

Explore testimonials from satisfied clients and learn how Nimbus has transformed fire safety management for building owners and managers like yourself. 


"The Nimbus units have eliminated the need for paperwork when testing manual call points and have provided 24/7 real-time visibility of each building's fire system status."

Chesterford Research Park

"The Nimbus solution's real-time monitoring, data exchange capabilities, and seamless integration with our existing fire systems have greatly improved our ability to respond to potential fire hazards and faults."

Harper Adams University

"We’re a lot more informed now our sites use Nimbus. The additional information the system provides allows us to be much more efficient in the ARC and has saved us money on Engineer call-outs.."

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