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When feedback helps to reinforce we’re on the right track: Revealing the essence of Nimbus Digital.

At Nimbus Digital, we're dedicated to revolutionising fire safety management. And when our customers speak, it’s reassuring that their words echo the very essence of our mission. Take recent feedback...

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Navigating the new Fire Safety Regulations: A guide for Building Owners and System Integrators

For Building Owners and Managers Introduction: In light of heightened safety concerns and the potential severe...

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The Changing Landscape of Fire Safety

Fire systems play a pivotal role in the safety and security of commercial and public buildings across the UK. These...

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Be in the know

Enhance Fire systems visibility

Nimbus provides building managers and fire protection specialists with full visibility of critical fire protection...

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Reducing false alarms

The potential of remote fire alarm management in reducing false alarms

In the field of fire safety, the fire alarm signal is a critical connection between fire systems and the necessary...

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Simple is not a dirty word

Fire protection made simple

Increase the productivity of your Fire Protection Maintenance business today!

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Social media for fire protection businesses

Social media for Fire Protection businesses

Social media can help you engage with your prospects, customers, suppliers, and industry colleagues.

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Be connected

Anywhere, anytime access

Nimbus, our multi-brand remote fire panel monitoring system, connects you to all your fire panels anywhere, anytime.

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Next level business insights

NEXT-LEVEL business insights

Zoom in on your business with NEXT-LEVEL business insights

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A modern approach

A modern approach to fire alarm systems

Every facility or property manager recognises their core responsibility to keep people and property safe.

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