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Partner with Nimbus to Revolutionise Fire Protection Integration 

As a systems integrator, your mission is to streamline maintenance and commissioning activities while delivering exceptional service to your clients. Nimbus understands the challenges you face and offers tailored solutions designed to optimise efficiency, accuracy, and productivity throughout the integration process. With Nimbus by your side, you gain access to innovative products, including nimbusGo and the Nimbus Engineer App, empowering you to elevate your integration processes and stand out from the competition. 


Nimbus Solutions for Systems Integrators 

Nimbus is committed to supporting systems integrators in delivering industry-leading services and exceeding client expectations. With our track record of success and testimonials from satisfied clients, we stand as your trusted partner in streamlining integration processes, enhancing efficiency, and driving innovation in fire protection integration. 


Elevate efficiency with nimbusGo, your portable solution for connecting fire alarm systems to the cloud. Simplify testing, automate tasks, and enhance productivity. 

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Nimbus Engineer App

Enhance productivity and accuracy with the Nimbus Engineer App, designed to optimise rectification and upgrade work for technicians.

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Complete Compatibility

nimbusGo works seamlessly with fire panels from all major manufacturers.

Advanced Ampac Advantech Edwards Electro Detectors EMS Euro Tech Fike Gent GFE Honeywell Hyfire Kentec Morley Leader Notifier Protec SMS Siemens Thorn Tyco Ziton

Benefit from personalised support from the Nimbus team, ensuring that your specific needs and requirements are met with precision and efficiency. 

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Here's what some of our clients have to say about Nimbus!

Explore testimonials from satisfied clients and learn how Nimbus has transformed fire safety management for building owners and managers like yourself. 

"We've just started using Nimbus. The compliance detail is second to none, it should be used everywhere"

London, England - 25 Engineers

"Nimbus helps us to maintain our largest service contract, we wouldn't be able to do it without."

Midlands, England - 10 Engineers

"We have seen a huge increase in productivity both externally and internally since using Nimbus Mobile."

North West, England - 19 Engineers

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