The keys to productivity and effectiveness



Productivity and effectiveness 

We've partnered with hundreds of businesses to implement Nimbus solutions in recent years. Many, if not most, companies are looking for productivity improvements - they want to get more done with the same or fewer resources. This usually includes more inspections, more tests, and more defect rectifications, all completed faster than before.

This increase in efficiency or productivity is a reasonable objective and is frequently achieved soon after implementing Nimbus's software. However, because Nimbus is an end-to-end solution, it also sheds light on broader business processes, identifying existing activities that may not be required and the reverse, some things not getting done that should be done. This focus on completing important or high-quality activities is a simple definition of effectiveness

Respected management author and scholar Peter Drucker describes the difference between efficiency and effectiveness in this way.

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things."

Peter Drucker



Get more of the right things done

So the logical question is, "What are the right things I need to do?". 

One reasonable definition is that the right things are outcomes from activities that drive business value and contribute to the achievement of company goals and customer satisfaction

For fire protection maintenance service providers, this can mean ensuring the defects are quoted and that the rectification works are done promptly. This increases revenue, cash flow and profitability. It can mean focusing on collecting overdue invoices or simply ensuring compliance reports are forwarded to clients as soon as possible to close off the job.



Do the right things right

Determining what the right things are is the first step. The next step is to work out how to do these right things in the "right" (efficient) or most productive way. In the example above, ensuring defects are quoted, and the rectification works are done promptly is the right thing to do. This task could be done more productively and efficiently by making sure that field techs have parts in their van, allocating enough time to get the job done on the first visit, and documenting the job immediately so defect notices, invoices, and compliance reports can be sent to your customer.

So the ultimate goal is to be effective and efficient, that is, to do the right things right.



Start with a bird's-eye view

Is it time to take a metaphorical flight above your business and look down to see if the activities being completed are effective? Are your processes as efficient as they could be? With this audit in hand, you'll be able to identify opportunities for change and focus on the right things to do.

To quote Peter Drucker once more...

"It’s more important to do the right thing than to do things right."

Peter Drucker

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