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The Changing Landscape of Fire Safety

Fire systems play a pivotal role in the safety and security of commercial and public buildings across the UK. These...

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Simple is not a dirty word

Fire protection made simple

Increase the productivity of your Fire Protection Maintenance business today!

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Be connected

Anywhere, anytime access

Nimbus, our multi-brand remote fire panel monitoring system, connects you to all your fire panels anywhere, anytime.

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A modern approach

A modern approach to fire alarm systems

Every facility or property manager recognises their core responsibility to keep people and property safe.

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Next level profitability

NEXT-LEVEL profitability

Take your business profitability to the NEXT LEVEL!

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Transforming a 2000-year-old industry

Transforming a 2000-year-old industry

Do we have Emperor Nero to thank for modern-day fire protection?

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Be notified

Fire panel event notifications

With Nimbus, you can select fire panel events that are important to you and then receive a notification on your mobile...

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